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About us

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Hello all,  

How nice to welcome you to our website!  

If you still have questions after reading the pages,  

do not hesitate to send us a message.

WildRosePiercing is a dream come true. After working in a shop, it is of course great to open my own shop! I have given my own vision and interpretation to this.  

We try to distinguish ourselves from other piercing shops by giving people not only a beautiful piercing, but also an experience!  

Upon arrival, we always ask every customer to fill in a consent form, this is as prescribed by the GGD. So don't forget your proof of identity!  

After completing the formalities, we will look together at which piercing you would like, what would suit you nicely and what fits in with any other piercings you already have or might want in the future!  

Once we have determined the location and selected a beautiful piece of jewelry, we will take you to the treatment chair. Here we unpack all the supplies from their sterile packaging and set it up so we can get started.  

We take plenty of time for everyone. If you are very nervous, please let us know! We tell you what we do and guide you through the piercing process so that it is a pleasant experience.  

After the piercing has been placed, you will receive an oral explanation of the aftercare and the aftercare package from us. This contains all the information again on paper, an aftercare soap and some nice stickers and information!  

You can pay with us both by card and in cash.  

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